Sup mofo's <3


Imagine Draco trying to take a selfie but he has the phone upside down and Harry’s like “What are you doing?” And Draco’s like “Shut up Potter I’m making perfection”


Draco must’ve had a lot going on in his mind when Hagrid carried in Harry’s lifeless body.

"Who is that..?"

"Is that Potter?"

"No it can’t be.."

"That idiot, why did he go?!"

"He’s supposed to be the savior… godamn it Potter"

"It’s my fault. He’s dead because of me"

*cue heart break*

*cue tears*



My gf has been trying to get a version of her favorite drarry pic without the deviantart watermark, but the original artist has unfortunately been MIA for a few years now. I ended up editing it for her and this is what I came up with. Left the original artist’s signature and deviantart link cause I’m into modification, not art theft. Original artist and artwork HERE. Enjoy, all you beautiful drarry shippers!

This art is just amazing *.* 
"I want to know what Draco Malfoy is doing inside you."
An actual quote from Harry James Potter. (via lunaluvsgood)


We can all admit that harry would look bloody fine in a Slytherin robe ;)

Or even better, in Draco’s slytherin robe.

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